Panspermia Press Issue 7: “Take the Next Exit for Love”

Good news: the new issue of Panspermia Press, “Take the Next Exit for Love”, is now out. It’s a story about a man who falls in love with a satnav. It will either make you laugh or cry. Or perhaps both. Tear ducts and chuckle tubes all sprout from the heart, after all.

You can find copies scattered all over Nottingham – principally at Nottingham Contemporary, Lee Rosy’s, Broadway, Geoff Blore’s lovely bookshop, and on benches all over the Arboretum, plonked amongst brown paper bags and abandoned trainers.

This issue is brought to you in association with Bees Make Honey’s Memories of the Future pop-up shop. Copies will be available in goodie bags (free to people swapping zines) at the shop, and deluxe collections containing all previous issues will be available for purchase at a steal of a price. More on those bad boys to come…