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‘Following twelve-year-old Bren who escapes the real world into an imaginary one after the loss of his sister, this dark and mesmerising novel from the author of The Memory Thieves imparts a powerful message of courage and self-confidence.’

‘Simpson is a compelling writer, his prose clear and muscular. He is acutely aware of generational behaviours, and of the cycle of deprivation that locks people into delinquency. He also has a marvellous sense of the uncanny. Children of ten and upwards will find much within this involving work to transport them.’
Philip Womack, The Literary Review

‘The narrative is absorbing, tense and poignant, with real life challenges and concerns cleverly echoed in the magical world of Furthermoor … Furthermoor is a powerful book which addresses issues common to us all in a memorable way.’
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The i newspaper

Furthermoor is available from bookshop.org, your local bookshop and the usual online places.

If you’re a teacher, please help yourself to Usborne’s free Furthermoor teaching resources.