The Dust on the Moth

Warning: The Dust on the Moth is intended strictly for adults, and contains scenes of a sexual nature that some readers may find upsetting.

The Dust on the Moth is a book, but also more than a book. Based on a collaboration between a writer (that’ll be me), illustrator, photographer and creative producer, the finished work lies somewhere between illustrated literary fiction, photographic journal, objet d’art and graphic novel.

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The novel’s story is a tapestry of otherworldly farce, thorny fairytale and domestic drama – an ode to the faint line between the mundane and the mythological. Three youngsters move into 8 Asgard Street to become the unwitting pawns of Mr Malarkey, a voyeuristic landlord with a ravenous obsession. Meanwhile a cathedral drifts through the cosmos, sent to the stars by an apocalyptic kiss, and on its way to revealing the enigmatic bond between two very different tales…

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The book is peppered with colour illustrations and photography, all crammed into a beautiful hardback cover that would make it the envy of any bookshelf or coffee table. The Dust on the Moth also comes with an accompanying soundtrack performed by Apalusa and featuring Graham Langley of “slowcore” legends Savoy Grand.

“This book is unique, the result of an author’s unfettered talent at work and play. It rings with intrigue and unease. As it is impossible to describe The Dust on the Moth in one word, I’ll give you seven: Experimental. Rich. Creative. Political. Philosophical. Fantastical. Visual.” NottsLit

“A weird, unsettling mix of whimsy, science fiction and the very, very creepy.” Left Lion

The Dust on the Moth was crowdfunded in 2015 through Kickstarter, where it became Staff Pick and raised over £5,000 for publication by Bees Make Honey. Most copies went to pledgers who supported the campaign, but a limited number are available for sale and include soundtrack download codes.

If you’re considering treating yourself, please note that The Dust on the Moth is for adult readers. Copies can be purchased at the award-winning Five Leaves Bookshop in Nottingham, or can be ordered online for £9.50 (including UK postage) here:

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Here’s a small sample of images from The Dust on the Moth’s pages, which should give you an inkling of how unique and lovingly made this literary oddity is.