New book! Say ahoy to The Memory Thieves

To anyone who’s sick of me guffing on about Scavengers: REJOICE! For my publisher has officially announced my next book, The Memory Thieves!

Check out Usborne Publishing’s tweet below, and press play to watch a fancy-schmancy animated version of the book cover (brought to life by Usborne’s Penelope Mazza):

Here’s the actual full cover, which was illustrated and designed by the uber-talented Matt Saunders and Will Steele:

Not too shabby, eh? I love this cover. It captures the book’s atmosphere so well, and looks great next to Scavengers, which is a really big deal for me.

The Memory Thieves will be published on 5 August, and is available for pre-order from your local bookshop and the usual online places, including, Hive, Waterstones and Amazon. It’ll also be available to reviewers on Netgalley from 13 May!

But what’s this book about? Are those two teens on the cover hiding from something? Why are rusted ships stranded on those dunes? Is that a whale skeleton? And what’s that strange, cuboid building in the distance?

Here’s the blurb:

What you don’t remember can’t hurt you…

Cyan has lived at the Elsewhere Sanctuary for as long as he can remember, freed by Dr Haven from dark memories of his past life. But when Cyan finds a mysterious warning carved into the bones of a whale skeleton, he starts to wonder what he had to forget to be so happy.

New resident, Jonquil, begins to resist the sanctuary’s treatment, preferring to hold on to her memories – even the bad ones. So when Dr Haven resorts to harsher measures, Cyan embarks on a secret mission to discover the truth about the sanctuary…and himself.

“Marvellously visual and gripping” – A. M. Howell

The Memory Thieves is part sci-fi, part magic realism, all edge-of-your-seat mystery adventure. And like Scavengers, it’s a little darker than the usual fare for older children. Readers so far have described it as tense, haunting, gripping, thought-provoking, creepy and adrenalin-fuelled. But there’s fun, friendship and camaraderie too.

I don’t want to say anything further about the book just yet, but will reveal more as time goes on. I’ll be back on the blog down the line, but in the meantime, feel free to follow my Twitter or Instagram accounts for tidbits of news.

Stay safe,