Independent bookshops have a lot to contend with, and things are even harder for them now they’ve shut their doors for national lockdown. The fact that this has happened in the run-up to Christmas makes matters all the worse.

That’s why the awesome Holly Bourne has launched #SignForOurBookshops.

The idea is as simple as it is brilliant. In short, authors are sending bookplates (like the ones I’ve signed below, which can be stuck into books) to anyone who’s purchased their book from an independent bookshop, in an effort not only to encourage people to support local bookshops, but also to emphasise what makes indie bookshops so very special.

Over two hundred authors are already taking part (check out #SignForOurBookshops on Twitter), and I’m one of them!

So if you’d like a signed and dedicated bookplate for a copy of Scavengers (for yourself, or perhaps as a Christmas gift), make your purchase from one of the UK’s many indie bookshops (many offer online shopping via their websites or bookshop.org), then contact me with details of

  • who the bookplate should be dedicated to,
  • any preferred message from me,
  • and the address to send the bookplate to.

I’ll then respond, and when I have your indie bookshop proof of purchase, I’ll get the bookplate in the post for you.

I can only post bookplates within the UK, I’m afraid, and I’ll send out any plates requested before #SignForOurBookshops ends on 2 December. After that, bookshops will hopefully be able to open again.

It goes without saying, of course, that indie bookshops are wondrous places staffed by discerning book lovers. They offer not only a special shopping experience, but also community, discovery and expertise. Let’s show them some love.

Thank you and stay safe.